It’s National Mentoring Month again! Garrett County has the most amazing mentors (follow the link to see our full list!) making a difference in the children in our community through our program! Mentors are men and women, working or retired. We have mentors in college and mentors in their 80s and everything in between. Our mentors are from all different backgrounds and places. Mentors do a whole lot of things with and for the child they are matched with depending on their child’s individual needs but mostly they are just a caring, commited adult helping to guide a child through their lives. They meet with their child at lunchtime once a week at school and participate in some of our out-of-school bonding expriences as well. Our mentors are changing lives and futures right here in Garrett County and we are so grateful for them all! Thank you and happy Mentoring Month to all of our volunteer mentors!

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