June 14, 2015 @ 2:00 pm
Moonshadow Cafe
110 South Main Street
Accident, MD 21520

Author Jeremy Gosnell will be signing copies of his new exciting science-fiction adventure book, The Terminal. There will be a short reading of the book’s prologue and an opportunity to meet Jeremy, purchase your copy or get your’s signed. Jeremy is donating some proceeds from the sale of his book to local children’s organization, Garrett Mentors, Inc. Purchase your book at the event, at the Book Mark’t in Oakand, MD or online here There is also a kindle version available.

Limited refreshments will be provided while they last. The MoonShadow Cafe menu will be available as well.

About the Book: Scuba diver Eric Rayner disappears while diving at Dean’s Blue Hole in Long Island, Bahamas. Atlantis researcher Allison Chandley is approached by Italian bilionaire Sergio Franca. USGS political liaison Walker Reade is studying a report by a young seismologist detailing a possible eruption of the Yellowstone Caldera. Each of these seemingly unrelated incidents is tied together, leading to an incredible journey back in time to the ancient kingdom of Atlantis. While following in Eric’s footsteps, Allison is whisked away, pulled 70,000 years into the past to end up in the fabled Atlantis. She finds the kingdom in shambles and under constant attack by strange creatures called the Abaddon. When Allison is captured by the creatures, the people of Atlantis deploy an ancient biological weapon to destroy them.Eric and Allison must join together to find a control system called The Terminal, which can alter time and space. The Terminal is a stunning sci-fi thriller that adeptly explores how a past civilization could exist and what that existence could teach today’s world.

About the Author: Jeremy Gosnell is a magazine writer and a long-time marine aquarist. He lives in the mountains of western Maryland and was inspired to create this story after reading Graham Hancock’s writings on a pre-classical era civilization. His biggest challenge was “tying human genetics, ancient history, and seismology together to create a story that leads back to an ancient kingdom, written about long ago by Plato.” He enjoyed envisioning a scientific picture of what Atlantis and its people may have been like.

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