Garrett Mentors received carloads of donations from GCC Technologies through an AmeriCorps grant. These goods will benefit the children we serve in so many helpful ways this year.  Books, supplies, stickers, gift bags and tissue paper can  be used during mentoring sessions at school throughout the year and will allow the mentors to choose individual items for their children to work with based on their needs, backgrounds and interests. The  party and picnic items will provide our children with fun resources and supplies for our summer picnic and our end of year party and other events we may plan this year. Toys, stuffed animals, party favors, books, giftbags and tissue paper will provide our children with gifts and activities for our holiday party in December and other occasions that may arise. All  year long we will have the most wonderful supply of items of all kinds to work with in planning activities, events for our children and supplying them with materials to make the most of their time with their mentors.  We can also supply our children with books to take home to practice reading when they are not at school. We can’t thank GCC enough for these valuable items which will allow us to continue to inspire children in our community through the Garrett Mentors program.

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