Don Coble
Board Member

Don has been a mentor in five different schools with four different children. In addition to mentoring, he teaches science with a “hands on” approach to grades 2-5 at Friendsville elementary school. His wife, Kathy, has partnered with him as a mentor, and together they have served on the Garrett Mentor Board of Directors for six years. He retired after 32 years as a Sr. Research Scientist for the Gillette Research Institute, with previous studies in Rheumatoid arthritis, and invasive diseases of the human eye. He attended The George Washington University (BA) with postgraduate studies at The George Washington University, American University, The McCrone Institute in Chicago, and electron microscopy studies at Lehigh University. He is a strong advocate of reaching out to young students by stimulating them to be creative and think “beyond the box.” Don says: “Mentoring children with special needs can be very challenging and requires patience, dedication, and willingness to listen. Being a mentor means changing a child’s attitude from “I can’t” to a positive yes you can; and from “it’s impossible” to nothing is impossible, if you will only try and believe. The true reality of being a mentor, however, is never so great and rewarding as the moment a study buddy finally throws his arms around you and says, “thanks for being there for me.”

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